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Popular Products

Standard Posters

Available in A0 to A4 sizes and printed on 165gsm / 170gsm satin, gloss and matte, our standard posters are the perfect choice for promotional offers, marketing campaigns, home art and much more.

Premium Posters

Take your poster printing to the next level with a gorgeous matte, satin or gloss finish by printing on thick 220gsm paper. Using premium posters will make your message standout from the rest and add that a high quality premium finish.

Student Posters

If you are a university or college looking for high quality, cost-effective posters for campus, or a student promoting an event, our student poster printing service can deliver any amount you need to meet tight deadlines.

Photographic Posters

Use our photo poster printing service to bring your personal or professional photos to life. We use the latest print technology to draw out the vibrancy and colours that will make your images resonate wherever they are displayed.

Etsy Posters

We are experts in printing Etsy posters in a wide range of sizes, paper stocks and finishes. Our Etsy service works to support your online store and deliver high quality products directly to your customers.

Rigid Posters

From trade shows and conferences to external signage and outside advertising, our rigid posters are both eye catching and durable. Choose between Foamcore, Foamex or Correx and enjoy clear, scratch-resistant prints that stand out.

Cheap Posters

At PosterBot we ensure working to a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Use our cheap poster printing service to produce strong marketing and advertising campaigns that make the difference.